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39 years old
Indianapolis, Indiana
United States

Last Login: 3/24/2007
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GeneralShips...Airplains...trains.....cars.......traveling.....most all kinds of music....expecially bjork and tons of 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s and 2K plus music...if its got a grove a good tempo or just makes my heart go wild i love it.....what else......mmmmm kinky sex......hentia...manga art.....and anime...both adult and normal styles.......Man i just dig all kinds of things.....I am have huge diversity in me ......the list is flippin endless
MusicBjörk, Stonehunt, DEVO, B-52s, Funk Harmony Park, Areosmith , Prince , ABBA , Vanilla Ice, Ice-T , Rolling Stones, Pat Benetar , Motley Crue, Janet and Michel J.,Paula Abduel, Joan Jett and the Back Hearts , Living Color, Jerry Reed, Notorious BIG ,Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince , Green Day , Rage Against the Machine , Pink Floyd , Van Halen, Autograph, Scorpions, Iron Maiden, RATT, Lita Ford, Dokken, U2 , Ozzy, Ted Nugent , Technotronic, Beaste Boyz , RUN DMC, EZ-E, Bone Thugs in Harmony, AC/DC. White Snake, Limp Bizkit, Outkast, Lincoln Park, Berlin, Bangels, Beatles, Rush, Bee Gees, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Fugees ,Lauren Hill, Psychedelic Furs, NOFX , Black Flag, Dead Kenedys , Waitreses, Chemical Brothers, Basment Jax, Demitri from Paris, The Cars, Hewy Lewis and the News , ZZ Top, Mozart, Sugar Cubes, The Creatures, and about a billion tons of Punk, Pop , Alternitve , Big Band , Swing, Funk, Hip hop, Rap, Metal, Techno, House, Industrial, Grunge, Jazz, Gothic , and many many other types of music....and the list goes on and on and on and on.....it is endless
Groups: Bjork ForumThe Jet SetLoko phylum fan clubKwEnToNg PiNoYWorld Artist Network on MySpaceMiNu Vyrus - View our profile and listen to our music.Vanessats

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Here for:Networking, Dating, Serious Relationships, Friends
Orientation:Not Sure
Body type:5' 8" / Average
Zodiac Sign:Virgo
Education:High school

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About me:
To much to list....it would be best to message me and ask...i will reply to most any question yu have for me
Who I'd like to meet:
most anyone

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Brian has 53 friends.

 Bernie Dexter 

 Regina Victoria 

 Ping Guin Chi 

 Adam Richman 




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Feb 27 2007 6:25A

Myspace Funny Pictures

Feb 26 2007 5:55A

MySpace Deleted my pics again!

Apparently my pics showed a little too much of my booty! anyway i'm so sick of profile pic censorship on myspace so I made a profile here you have to sign up but its free and if you get bored of my pics they have tons more real sexy women pics.

hope you like this pic click on it to see more of them...

Feb 24 2007 8:26A

MySpace Comments Graphics / Myspace Icons

Feb 23 2007 3:54A

Brian!! Hello there, thanks for the addy gorgeous. Take care and keep smiling :o)

Jan 11 2007 10:14A

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics
Regina Victoria

Dec 24 2006 7:56P

Visit The Artist's Website!


Dec 16 2006 7:54P

Happy Birthday!
hope i was not late?
I hope u have an awesome weekend and birthday.
long time we didnt mail.
i miss that..
Ill mail u.

Sep 10 2006 12:13P

Sa - Was - Dee -Ka

This is Thai word ; mean like Hello !! :)

Oh ! I missed say Happy birth day to You ...

I'm so sorry about that T^T I' really don't know ....

have a nice life ya !
i am a butterfly, but you wouldn't let me die

Sep 4 2006 3:17P

Happy belated birthday!!

Sep 1 2006 8:46P

Happy Birthday man! We need to talk...if we ever reach each other.
Regina Victoria

Sep 1 2006 3:50A

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear, dear Brian!!! May you get all your heart's desire! Miss you...

Aug 23 2006 10:49A

Just come to say Hi !

:) have a good day

Jul 7 2006 4:58P

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Myspace Icons Layouts

Jun 19 2006 12:07A

blog Layouts

blog Layouts

Ping Guin Chi

Jan 19 2006 11:30A

Mammaries are Titties!!!...That's why when we're babies we're always saying mama, mama!!! hahahahhaha
Ping Guin Chi

Jan 18 2006 6:42P

ay man...your girl Leoncie is on Myspace!!!...Find Her, Love Her and all her mammary goodness!!!

Jan 9 2006 1:23A

i like to see im next to Bjork in your myspace page, thanks dude hope your new year was good

Nov 30 2005 1:18A


..................... /..../..








ThAnX FoR HaViN Me...


In Ur...


KeEp RocKin...

StAy CooL...


TaKe CArE...


Nov 26 2005 2:11A

bjork is so cool
Ping Guin Chi

Oct 10 2005 7:30A

Bryd, you seem a little down, mate...probably 101 withdrawals...I went through the same shit, especially after all that bureaucratic immigration nonsense...but keep ya head up and may the Force be with you...Come to ATL anytime old friend.
Ping Guin Chi

Apr 18 2005 5:09P

dude you have an autobiography in your about me section...I know it says "about me" but good guggamugga!!!

Jan 27 2005 12:32A

hey man, havent seen u in the chat for a while.... I hope things are getting better from the last time I heard from you.

Dec 27 2004 12:26A

hey just wanted to say Big up's to a fellow Bj"rker! Stay warm : )
Evan J.

Dec 2 2004 9:02P


Nov 17 2004 9:54A

Fuck Yeah Mate!!! Neptunus Forever!!! Reykjavik 101
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