Nathan Ralph's Resume

Work Experience:

  • 6 Years PR Guy for Americrawl, Inc.
  • 2 Years Building and selling desktop and laptop computers for Indy Computer Solutions
  • 2 Years Selling Dell C-Series laptops on Ebay

  • Skills:

    I have extensive experience working with computer hardware, as well as software. I can upgrade or repair any desktop computer and most laptop computers, namely the Dell Latitude C-Series laptops. I have sold well over 400 computers locally and on ebay, so I'm also quite experienced in sales and advertising. I've developed a lot of skills working with people over the 6 years I worked for Americrawl, Inc.

    Current Objective:

    I am currently working toward a Computer Information Technology Degree (with a business leaning) at IUPUI. Ultimately I would like to work as a subcontractor as an IT specialist for small to midsized companies. Given the right offer I would work fulltime for a single company. I'd also like to continue to sell computers on the side.