Creating and Uploading an Avatar



            This tutorial will explain how to create an avatar by resizing it in Microsoft Paint, and upload it to a forum. The example forum used here will be the Yellow Mustang Registry forum. This tutorial assumes that the user has a basic understanding of how to use a computer and the internet and has a Windows-based operating system. This is written with Windows XP, but the process is identical in all Windows operating systems.



Requirements:  * A PC with Windows (95, 98, 98SE, 2000, XP, Vista)

                         * Internet Access

                         * A basic understanding of how to use both

                         * A calculator


Step One: Locating Your Image


            You need to have an image to start with. This will be the image that you ultimately want to be your avatar. In this case, it is saved to the desktop as “mustang”.







Step Two: Open Your Image in Paint


            In Windows, click the “Start” button, and scroll to Programs/Accessories/Paint.



            In paint, click “File”, then click “Open”. Browse to your file and click on it. Then, click “open’. Again, in this case the file “mustang” is on the desktop.



Step 3: Resizing Your Image


            You now have your image opened in Paint. Now is time to resize it so it can be used as an avatar. Click “Image”, and click “Attributes”.




            Your image needs to be smaller than or equal to 120px width, and 90px height. As you can see in the example below, the image is currently 615 wide by 400 high. As with most images, it is wider than it is high. Because of this, if I calculate how to make the width less than 120px, it will automatically be less than 90px high. If your image is higher than it is wide, you will need to calculate the height. Simply use a calculator to calculate this, or keep guessing until you get it correct. I calculated that 120 is roughly 19.5% of 615. Paint requires that you use a whole number, so I will just make it 19%. If I make my image 19% of the original size, it will be within the allowable limits.









Close the “Attributes” box, and Click “Image”. Then, click “Stretch/Skew”.





            I calculated earlier that my image needs to be 19% of the original, so here I need to enter 19 as the percentage for both height and width. Enter in both whatever number you calculated for your image. Click “OK”.





            Your image is now resized!



Step 4: Saving your new image



            In Paint, click “File”; then click “Save As”.





            Browse to where you want to save the new file. The easiest place to save and find the file is the “Desktop”. In this example, the new file is named “mustang avatar”. MAKE SURE you use a different file name from your original or you could permanently resize the original picture. Click “Save”




            Close Paint, and you now have your new avatar image!




Step 5: Uploading Your Avatar


            Now that you have your avatar, you’ll need to upload it to the forum. Open in your browser. Click “User CP”





            There is a list of things to edit on the left side of the screen. You want to upload an avatar, so click “Edit Avatar”.




            You are now displayed a screen with the options for your avatar settings. Make sure “Use Custom Avatar” is selected. Under “Upload an Avatar From Your Computer” click “Browse”.




            If you followed the example, the avatar image is probably on the Desktop. Browse to the Desktop, select your image, and click “Open”.




            Now that you’ve selected your avatar, all there is left to do is save the changes. On the “Edit Avatar” page, click “Save Changes”.





            If you followed this tutorial correctly, the image will be your new avatar. If it says the file is too large, go back and try step 3 again.






This guide was written by Nathan Ralph. You may distribute it freely as long as this credits section stays intact.